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Breckenridge by Owner Listing – FREE

How can a Free Listing Model be Successful?

If you are an owner and looking for more inquiries and transparency of who is booking your Breckenridge Vacation Rental then we have the ideal program for you.  Your listing on this site will be free to try for a year.  Before you tune out and stop reading thinking that we are just another listing site please let us assure you that we are so much more and want you to buy into our concept of a true listing site for owners.  Therefore we need a chance to reprove the model that guests want to deal with owners and that owners deserve the right to know who is renting their Breckenridge Lodging.  That means we need to generate leads for you!  The head of Home Away Steve Sharples has openly declared the by owner listing model is dead.  With your help we would like to prove that he might be mistaken and  thatExpedia’s unilateral move to transition to a pay per booking model will leave a vacuum in the marketplace that we are eager to fill.  Keep in mind that for the past twenty years VRBO was a listing site that actually started in Breckenridge by Dave and Lynn Close.  It was a great idea back in 1996 and remained so until last year.  Are you one that thinks the marketplace changed that dramatically in the past year or that this is a marketing ploy to generate more profits for Wall Street?  Assuming the landscape has dramatically changed we feel that Expedia has done a great disservice abandoning the owner that were faithful to them.

The Marketplace – Conversion of Listing Site to Booking Site

If you look at the Vacation Rental marketplace you will see that Expedia and its subsidiaries dominate vacation rental search.  This means that a global listing site doesn’t stand a chance of succeeding.  A recent example of that is __Joe Godar’s example_____________.  The site has a lot of great features but fails on the marketing front and is unable to generate the critical mass to get traffic to its site.  Its competing against Expedia and it’s billion dollar marketing budget.  This is where our unique strategy comes into play.   You will see that we are starting out as a Booking site that will evolve into a listing site and not taking on Expedia and its billions.  Let’s face reality that consumers want choice so a barren listing site won’t work so we aren’t starting that way either.  I’m sure every single one of you reading this has no less than 10 contacts in the past by a different listing site wanting you to advertise with them.  Think about how open you are to trying them out.  We know through our own experience how many times you have gotten burned.  You need to see results first and we aim to give you results.

Too Many Choices Leads to Renter Fatigue with Listing Sites

Look at the marketplace through the eyes of the vacation renter.  They are overwhelmed with these booking sites by the plethora of choices and then add to that confusion on how to get a timely response.  They just want to talk to someone and a global site simply doesn’t have the resources to provide that type of support.  Through experience we have found that customer saturation levels are between 400 – 600 properties.  So when listing sites exceed these parameters customer confusion and frustration is experienced. The prospective renter will typically spam multiple owners hoping to get a response and owners will see these redundant inquiries and chose not to answer.  Our concept is to mitigate renter fatigue by controlling the number of listings on a particular site.  This means when more owners list we must cull the non-performing pay per booking properties.  We also plan on educating the prospective renter with unbiased information designed to help them make a targeted decision.  When this model proves itself we anticipate there will be a transition period where owners will be asked to pay a listing fee to keep the listing active.  We hope this event happens sooner versus later but don’t plan on taking any action until the total number of owner listings exceeds 50%.  Just to give you a frame of reference we would be equivalent in size to the largest property manager in Breckenridge.

How it Works – Initial Inventory

As you can see this site already has many property listings.  These are select listings from a multitude of  property managers.  Commission profits off of these units will go back into the marketing of the site further enhancing the guest and owner experience.  So the consumer is going to get the choice they want and the owner is going to get the exposure they deserve.  This is a sustainable model  that rewards us for successfully delivering you leads and eventually allowing us to go to a subscription based listing model without any risk to the owner.

The Platform

The platform we are asking you to invest your time into has been designed by vacation property owners for owner so we are in touch with what your needs.  The core engine was developed by with great attention to detail in making this user friendly and one of the most versatile platforms out there.  One evolutionary feature not offered with the old listing sites is the  ability to control the meta data on your pages.  We also allow linking to your website because we realize not everything can be customized into our template.  Our platform is not perfect so feedback is a welcome part of the process.  We think you are going to love our look and the easy to customize options.  We off the basic and enhanced listings to suit your skill level and time commitments.  We are happy to help you set up the site and make suggestions.

Our Vision

We want this site to be an alternative to the standard pay per booking site so it is critical that we get the right owners involved.  Are you able to respond in a timely manner?  Will you answer the phone in a timely manner?  Will you help us recruit more owners?  Will you post great content and have professional pictures?  If you can honestly answer YES then we welcome you to the brotherhood of owner looking to get back to our roots.

Sign Up Now!

We have two programs for you a simple listing or an enhanced listing with the Pay per booking feature.  Simple listings are for the owner who wants to get involved in the guest dialogue and will bear the owner badge on their listing picture.  The pay per booking feature is more the owner looking for a booking agent and property manager combined and simply participate in the rental pool.

Contact Us


How to Get a Free Listing

Once we receive your inquiry we will respond via email within 24 – 48 hours with  a welcome packet that contains your user id and password to log into the site.  We are all about developing a quality site so you will have 3 days from receipt of our email to build your site.  We will follow up in 24 hours if you haven’t logged on to work on the listing.  We are available during business hours to consult on setting up your listing.   The typical listing take about 20 – 30 min to enter text  and upload the photos.   We also have Search engine functionality built into the listing that is fully customizable by you.  We know this section can be intimidating but we are happy to consult with you.

Join Rental Pool

If you decide to simply have us do the property management and bookings for you we will need a conversation with you to go over your booking parameters, licensing, taxes, goals, and expectations.  We will also send you our property management agreement for review.  We charge 30% property management fee.  This includes developing your listing and marketing it.

Donate Now

Although you are under no obligation to do so the recommended donation for the listing is $12 for the year so that we can recoup some of our hosting costs which we feel is more than fair.
When you get your first booking the suggested donation is $100 and we expect you to tell all your other owner friends about us too.  Remember we want a depth of consumer choices which leads to an enriching experience for the renter.